Wednesday, February 01, 2006

So how exactly do I do this?

Alright, so I'm not COMPLETELY stupid (perhaps in contrast to what some may think). I think I get that I type whatever I want in the little box thingy and it will show up as "blog" when I'm done.
My neighbor and I went for coffee yesterday... we talked about how much life has changed since we graduated from high school. How things are different than we thought they'd be around this time in our lives. How we would change things if we could go back in time. It got me thinking about what I really want in my life. I know I want a career... maybe not right this instant, because I'm usually very happy with my current responsibilities... but sometimes I very much miss the human interaction offered by someone OLDER than two. I definitely want to go back to school before I get that career though... something that won't happen until I feel I have time that can go towards that without it conflicting with the time I need to be spending with my boys. So probably a few years away yet. I am looking forward to it though. I honestly never thought that this is where I'd be in life right now. If I had had some way to look into the future to this point from 5 years ago, I'd have denied that this was my life. Until well after we were married I never even wanted kids... now I have two handsome little boys that call me "Mommy"... well they don't really CALL me that yet... but I AM looking forward to when they do! It's something that I wouldn't change for the world, but never expected to be in my life this soon.

So looking 5 years from now what do I think I'll see?... Well that's a hard question... I hope to see myself in school, or done school. I hope to see myself as a decent mommy to my kids... I hope to have a good relationship with my husband. I hope to be happy with my life at that point (I am most of the time at THIS point... so I hope things are still alright then). I hope we have bought a house by that time and have gotten most of our student loan debt out of the way.
But who knows... things could be a LOT different than I hope for them to be. Probably will be...


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